People will come from the north to the south, from the east to the west.  And I shall heal them there and I will anoint their heads with oil.  I shall deliver them from their burdens, their pain, their darkness, their emptiness.  And we shall worship as one people and together we shall dance and sing.  Rejoice in this promise.  Rejoice in this mighty plan I give you my faithful people, my people of mercy, my people of praise.
(Received April 17, 1998)

Lord, what would you have Jesus House do to serve You?

It shall be evermore a place of refuge, a haven for the heavily burdened who seek me in my fullness.  My people shall serve me mightily!  I am preparing them for a mission they do not fully comprehend.  Be faithful in the waiting for you shall know.  When I speak you shall hear my beloved people.
(Received October 1, 1997 at Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Wilmington, DE)


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